How Much Money Do Celebrities Really Make

If you are interested in finding out how much money celebrities really make you are not alone. There are numerous websites dedicated to celebrity net worth and how it constantly changes. What some people may not realize is the various ways a celebrity net worth is calculated so we must shed some light on this subject.

Sources of Income for a Celebrity

The first thing we need to define is what is a celebrity? Is it a person that is the top in their field or a person who has attained some type of accolade in pop culture? There are people who are notorious for being criminals, but that does not make them rich – while there are some people who are rich but are not celebrities. One of the most common types of celebrities out there is the professional athlete. Take for example a professional boxer who can earn millions from one single fight provided they have climbed the ranks and have ranked in the top 10 prize fighters.

Prizefighters are paid whether they win the fight or lose but there is an incentive for them to win and there is the pride that comes with “being the best”. While everyone can understand how the boxer gets paid for fighting but there are additional ways for a boxer to earn money that does not require them to punch anything or anyone for that matter. A great way for these prizefighters to generate money is from endorsing boxing and fitness equipment. There are many great current and former boxing legends that earn a huge portion of their net worth from endorsements, the money they made from the actual fighting is essentially their “basic pay” and these endorsement deals are where the real money is because there is no additional work required.

Along with endorsement deals which are quite lucrative another way these celebrities earn money is by going on television programs. There are many celebrity game shows that celebrities can host and earn money just for presenting questions to regular contestants. By far one of the biggest money makers for celebrities is their ability to make money from writing an autobiography written about their life. This is typically completed when the celebrity is experiencing their “15 minutes of fame” and can generate millions in added revenue for the celebrity. Another way that these celebrities earn money is by making cameo appearances in movies, the few minutes they spend in the movie can net them millions and it helps further their popularity.

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Fast Money and Fast Lives

While these celebrities can earn a huge sum of cash in a short amount of time they do not have the discipline needed to handle these vast fortunes so they end up squandering it. This is the primary reason the richest celebrity lists change frequently, the celebrity falls under the impression the good times will never come to an end but sadly they do and with little warning.